Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Alien Pez hams it up

Indiana Alien Pez and the Mini Golf Course of Doom

Alien Pez on safari

Alien Pez learns that "Jason has herpes."

Partying with Alien Pez

Alien Pez meets beer.

Alien Pez makes some new friends.

Alien Pez learns about beer goggles.

Oops, Alien Pez gets sloppy. Sober up, Alien Pez.

Hey, Alien Pez, let's go to Chicago!

Alien Pez wishes it were sunnier- could signal to his planet using light reflection from the Bean. Oh well, Alien Pez, let's go have a pretzel.

Alien Pez takes the Red Line. Declares the experience "flgl*rotg%m." One can only assume this is a positive endorsement, as no one got hurt.

Alien Pez doesn't understand baseball.
Neither do I, Alien Pez. Neither do I.

Alien Pez goes to White Castle. Orders chicken.

Alien Pez takes the train to the suburbs. Learns the term "middle of nowhere."

Decides "middle of nowhere" is a good site for future spaceship landings.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Alien Pez gets back to nature

Alien Pez ponders the road not taken. Then takes it. Swallows a bug.

Climb on, Alien Pez, climb on.

Alien Pez needs a towel.